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Gianni Renzi was born in 1956 in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the Marche region, that is famous in Italy and worldwide as footwear production district and a wellknown reference point of creative and ambitious designers for the quality of goods.

The son of shoemakers Gianni Renzi when he was 5 years old already showed his exceptional creativity in trying to design and to model women’s shoes. Thus, having finished his studies, Gianni Renzi decided to work together with the parents who produced children’s footwear.

Gianni quickly demonstrated his creativity and innate talent. Being ambitious and passionate, he started to study various styles, the best materials that guarantee quality as well as footwear production techniques. Thanks to these studies he succeeded in developing important innovations which combined comfort and style, elegance and sensuality.

Not coincidentally, Gianni Renzi was invited by numerous prestigious universities worldwide as an example of the designer with exceptional capacities to offer the shoes that were comfortable although having vertiginous, eccentric and elegant heels. Before creating his own brand GianniRenzicouture, Gianni Renzi has been a cofounder and a designer of a successful and worldwide acknowledged brand Gianmarco Lorenzi for 35 years.

Gianni Renzi Couture is a synonym of what Gianni Renzi has been for the world of pump shoes, i.e. innovation and success, eccentricity and comfort, elegance and sensuality. Gianni Renzi has been creating shoes for women who appreciate details and sensuality, style and elegance, without renouncing to extraordinary comfort that only the brand Gianni Renzi Couture can offer.